Black & Decker VEC010BD Start It 300 Amp Jump Starter Review

Black & Decker VEC010BD ReviewThe Black & Decker VEC010BD Jump-Starter is well built, compact, cordless, and rechargeable unit with the built in easy to carry handle.

The Jump-Starter also features a keyless on/off power safety switch.  Unlike jumper cables, there is no danger of an accidental short while you connect the cables to your car battery, since there is no current flowing from this unit you until you turn on the ON switch. So no danger of an accidental short while you are attaching the cables.

Also, because there is no current while the switch is OFF, it is very safe to keep this unit in your car or trunk without danger of an accidental short.

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The built in light, makes it easy to use in the dark, and lets you use it as an emergency light for either your house or car. The Jump-Starter recharges easily from any household AC outlet, so that it will be ready the next time you need it.  A LED indicator lets you know the status of battery and when it’s fully charged up. Packed with a 120 volt AC charger, and heavy-duty cables and clamps this is an excellent product.

There is an additional use for it, which is not mentioned in the advertisements or instructions. When you change your car battery, if you connect this unit through the cigarette lighter adapter before you disconnect the old battery, you can maintain enough current in your car’s electrical system to keep your car’s clocks radio etc, from having to be reset, This will save you from having to reenter all your radio and alarm codes, reset the clock etc.

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What user of Black & Decker VEC010BD has to say:

I bought this about 4 years ago, and it has been used a LOT more than I expected! Not so much for me, but various neighbors in my apartment building, and a car I borrowed.

They have needed jump starts and a long-lasting light source. I’ve also used it when I left my headlights on and days it’s been extremely cold. Not because I necessarily had to, but I wanted to give my car’s battery some help, to maximize its life. I have the older version with plastic battery clamps, an LED light and cig lighter socket.

Overall this is very good quality, not much more than a set of jumper cables, but much more useful!! Well worth the price!! The battery inside is a 9 amp/hour advanced glass mat (AGM) type, like an Optima battery. I’ve never had a problem starting cars, but they’ve all been 4 & 6 cylinders. Big V8 and diesels could be a problem.

The instruction manual says it’s made by Vector. So, compare it against other Vector products too. Compare this to other models with a cig lighter socket, also. It’s useful, right now I have a trickle charger connected to an inverter in the lighter socket, charging my car battery, which is great, since I live in an apartment.

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